Precision Tune Auto Care Franchise

Precision Tune Auto Care Franchise


Who is Precision Tune Auto Care?

Founded in 1976 and franchising since 1977, we are one of America's largest car care companies. We have over 280 centers operating in the US, and another 98 centers located internationally including:
  • Precision Tune Auto Care Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Taiwan,
  • Portugal
  • spain,
  • Canada,
  • Oman,
  • Dominican Republic.
Furthermore, we have initiated an aggressive growth plan to open more centers internationally including countries in Africa, Turkey and the republic of Georgia and domestically in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Nevada, California and other areas across the country.

The Market

The typical Precision Tune Auto care customer is middle class families who are dependent on their vehicle for transportation. With the complexity of today's vehicles, the “do-it-yourselfers” find they “cannot do it”. While they may have the necessary tools to change their oil, and maybe change their spark plugs; they don't have the resources to diagnose and repair today's technologically advanced engines.
Although each market is unique, the Precision Business Model has proven successful in a variety of very different environments, with minor modifications, made as necessary.

Target Market Area

ArizonaGeorgiaNew MexicoTexas
CaliforniaLouisianaNorth CarolinaUtah
DelawareMissouriSouth CarolinaWashington

Our Services

Precision Tune Auto Care Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Precision Tune Auto Care was founded on the basic engine tune-up. Over the years, we have diversified our mix of services to provide total quality car-care opportunities for our franchisees to grow and expand their customer base.
Today we offer a wide variety of specialized and scheduled car-care services.
These services include:
  • Brakes & Traction Control
  • Cooling System
  • Diagnostic Discovery Services
  • Emission Controls Engine & Power-Train Management
  • Relays & Modules
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Factory-Scheduled Maintenance Services
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Instrument Panel, Gauges & Warning Lights

The Competition

In the 1970's and early 1980's, our primary competition came from full-service gas stations. Today, our primary competition comes from the dealership. The dealerships are focusing more on after-sale service as a revenue generator. The problem with the dealers' strategy is that today's automobile owners are not happy with the dealerships.
The biggest reasons why are:
  • high cost,
  • Inconvenience,
  • Quality of the work.
Tire dealers and maintenance garages form the next level of competition.
Precision Tune Auto Care can and does compete very effectively against the above mentioned competition.
We are more convenient:  
An average car is in our shop approximately an hour and a half and most of the centers take appointments.
We beat the dealerships' price, job for job, and guarantee our work for 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Our Support System

Precision Tune Auto Care Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Precision Tune Auto Care is a business format franchise. Our business concept has not only been invented, it has been successfully working since 1976 and internationally since 1991. We continue to develop and refine the systems and procedures that when properly implemented can lead to businesses with excellent sales potential.
Our support systems encompass the necessary disciplines for franchisees to develop and grow our brand within their area and include but are not limited to:
  • site selection,
  • Marketing,
  • advertising,
  • Technical and management training,
  • business,
  • Partsacquisition.

Site Selection

Franchises lease or purchase their own location.

Training at Precision University

Precision Tune Auto care offers one of the most advanced training programs in the industry. We will teach you how to create and implement the needed infrastructure to support and profitably operate a PTAC center during the Franchise Management course.
We will cover all aspects of the business including:
  • financial management,
  • Salesmanship, Businessmanagement,
  • marketing&advertising,
  • Work,
  • purchasing
  • Overview of our services.
In addition to the Franchise Management course, Precision University offers the following management courses:
  • Service Writer Training;
  • Financial Modeling & Templating;
  • softwrench.


Our engine performance and automotive maintenance training program for technicians spans eight weeks.
  • 40% Classroom
  • 60% Hands-on Training
While it is an extensive course, when your technicians have successfully completed the course, they will be highly qualified.

These Technical classes include:

  • Engine Performance;
  • AutomotiveElectronics,
  • Emissions and On-Board Diagnostics;
  • Brakes;
  • Air Conditioning Service & Repair;
  • preventive maintenance;
  • Domestic and Asian Fuel injection.

Details of Ongoing Support

You're never on your own when you partner with Precision Tune Auto care. New partners work closely with a team of experienced professionals. Most of the US is supported by our Area Developer network (Area Developers) providing local guidance and support with marketing, operations, sales management and training – starting on day one. Areas that do not have an Area Developer are supported by the corporate team.
Partners can stay plugged into success by accessing our dynamic private intranet site, MYPTZone, which provides immediate access to:
  • advertising artwork,
  • operations bulletins,
  • technical updates,
  • Training materials.
It also features our company and marketing news, as well as forums where Precision Tune Auto Care partners can discuss key business issues or concerns with fellow franchisees as well as the Area Developers and corporate management team.

Vendor Relationships

As a global player, we have preferred customer status with many nationally recognized vendors. As a Precision Tune Auto Care partner, you will enjoy discounted rates on:
  • Units,
  • Equipment,
  • advertising,
  • Technology.
Our in-house printing division, Precision Printing, is an exclusive resource for each partner needing branded promotional materials offered at a great value to you.

advertising support

Our multi-faceted marketing program provides all the planning tools, materials and professional guidance necessary to get you started and keep you going.
The advertising fees collected are used to provide professionally produced broadcast (television and radio), and in-store promotional materials to help establish a strong, positive brand image in your community.
We're with you from the start with a grand opening Kit to future phases as your center matures, including powerful retention tools.

Your Location

In our infancy, our primary source of centers was converted service stations. In the 1980s, we began opening in auto malls which are occupied exclusively by tenants in like industries. In the 1990s, we developed the latest in aesthetically pleasing and professionally designed centers.
Each franchisee is provided with:
  • Complete blue print packages,
  • Equipment,
  • listing,
  • parts room design,
  • Graphic requirements.
After 30 years in the automotive business, Precision Tune Auto Care has established a formula for success.
The site criteria and demographics we look for include:
A population base of 50,000 (predominantly middle income) within three miles for metropolitan areas; However, this will vary from area to area.

Activity Generators

We want to create a synergy and be surrounded by other businesses, which will also draw people into our location.

Profile of a Successful Franchisee

  • An understanding of business management principles (such as how to complete and review a P&L statement) is a must.
  • Involvement as an owner-operator in the management of the shop gives Precision Tune Auto Care a competitive edge.
  • A retail/customer-focused grounded in ethics will assist you in motivating your team to deliver a positive customer experience.
Precision Tune Auto Care Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)A successful franchisee also possesses:
  • proven management skills,
  • leadership ability,
  • View,
  • An appetite for growth.

Financial Qualifications

  • $75,000 liquid assets
  • $350,000 net worth
  • Ability to finance start-up costs
Initial Franchise Fee$25,000
Land/Building$ 5,000 - $ 7,000
Construction/Site Acquisition$ 6,000 - $ 10,000
Deposits (including Rent and Utilities, Interior & Exterior Signs)$ 5,500 - $ 15,000
Equipment, Fixtures, Furniture and Technical Manuals$ 59,500 - $ 95,000
Installation of Signs and Compressors$ 3,000 - $ 4,000
Initial Inventory$5,000–$7,500
Insurance (Workman's Compensation Insurance and Other

Prepaid Insurance Costs)

$ 2,000 - $ 6,500
initial training$ 0 - $ 2,500
New Center Marketing$3,000
Computer Software Support$0 – $600
Computer Hardware Purchase$ 2,500 - $ 4,500
Lease$ 200 - $ 700
computer software$ 500 - $ 2,000
Additional Funds 3 Months$ 25,000 - $ 40,000

Why The Automotive Service Industry Makes Sense

The automotive service industry is worth the look for several reasons. First, the United States lacks an efficient mass transit network. Because of this fact, Americans have come to rely upon their vehicles for daily transportation. In fact, the US has the lowest person to vehicle ratio in the world with most citizens having access to two or more cars.
The automotive aftermarket has expanded to $285.5 billion in 2007, an increase of 4%. The service segment represents nearly $90 billion dollars and is expected to continue to expand further regardless of the total economy.
Other factors to consider include the fact that salvage rates continue to decline. This means that the average vehicle will stay on the road for nearly 10.5 years. Consumers are more likely to maintain their present vehicle rather than buy a new one. This equals an amount of $400 – $600 per year for general automotive maintenance and an additional equivalent amount for tires every 24 – 36 months.
Given the rate of population expansion and the lack of national transportation alternatives, Americans will continue to be reliant upon their vehicles for their daily transportation needs well into the 21st century. Therefore, we should continue to see annual growth within the automotive aftermarket for years to come.
Precision Tune Auto Care Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)

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