The US president, Donald Trump, reported this Friday that the Agriculture department It will offer an economic aid package worth 19.000 million dollars so that farmers and ranchers "cope" with the loss of income caused by the new coronavirus, according to what was released vonews

By Miami Diario Newsroom

During a press conference held at the White House, Trump said that "the Department of Agriculture will implement a relief program of 19.000 million dollars for our great farmers and ranchers to face the global sinking."

In that sense, Trum explained that this aid will include "direct payments to farmers, as well as huge purchases of dairy, meat and other agricultural products," which will be distributed among people in need of food.

In addition to this, he said that “more than 80 million Americans” have already received funds from the Government to face the economic crisis generated by the pandemic.

Trump assured that “the Treasury has distributed economic relief payments to the more than 80 million Americanss of which Social Security had their bank details ». In that order, Trump added that to date, the US has performed more than 3,78 million diagnostic tests, "more than any other country, by far."



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