Privacy Policy respects personal information and is deeply aware that information is important to maintain privacy, and when handling personal information, during the course of business activities, respects personal rights and privileges, making all directors and employees adhere to the United States laws as well as to the internal regulations of the company stipulated to safeguard personal information so that we maintain the expectation and confidence that is had in, as well as in their corporate responsibilities.

Handling of personal information

(1) Collection of personal information
When collects personal information from a customer, identifies the purpose of using that information, and obtains the customer's consent in connection with such use.

(2) Use of personal information does not use personal data for any purpose other than that for which consent has been received.

(3) Disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties does not disclose or provide personal information to third parties unless the client's consent is received or a legal requirement is received from a government agency or judicial body or by law. In addition, if we provide such personal information to a third party, the protection of personal information is stipulated with the third party and the protection of that personal information is ensured.

(4) Measures to keep personal information secure maintains the internal regulations of the company and has established reasonable security measures to protect the personal information obtained from the clients, from being leaked, destroyed, modified or accessed illegally.

(5) Customer inquiries regarding personal information has a customer service center to answer any questions regarding the handling of personal information. Furthermore, if receives a request from a customer to check, review or update, as well as delete or stop the use of the personal information that we maintain, we will do what is necessary to the extent that we consider reasonable.

2. Provisions Regarding the Public Announcement of the Purposes of Use of Personal Information

2-1. How we use personal information uses the personal information obtained from customers for the business activities named below within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of such use. In addition, we obtain the client's consent at the time, to use personal information for reasons other than those described here. We do not use this information for different purposes, unless we have the prior consent of the client.

(1) To promote and sell your services.
(2) To carry out administrative tasks related to operations with clients;
(3) For the management of customer information and products/services;

2-2. Handling of sensitive information nor does it use or disclose to third parties, the sensitive information of clients (nationality, religion, family origin, address, medical history, criminal records and other special private information) for purposes other than those recognized as necessary for the operation of a good deal.

2. Shared use can share the use of personal information, within the limits of the purposes of use indicated above, with its group companies, subsidiaries, joint research sites, special agents, etc. In these cases, the client will be notified of this fact when the information is collected. In addition, the information that is collected and shared is considered the same information obtained by, and accepts responsibility for its management.

3. Measures for the Secure Handling of Web Site Information

Handling of the personal information collected on the website of, or through user registration essentially follows the provisions stipulated above, and in particular in accordance with the following provisions.

(1) We handle and maintain personal information through a strict management system, and make efforts to strengthen security so that customer information is not lost, destroyed, changed, or leaked to third parties.

(2) The website of includes services that require customers to register personal information. Details about the purposes for use of personal information records are displayed on each business site that offers those services, and those details will supersede the others.

(3) On the website of, there are pages that use technology called "cookies" to make it more convenient when customers access the site again. "Cookies" is a worldwide standard technology that allows a server to recognize a client's computer. "Cookies" can recognize a customer's computer, but cannot recognize a customer unless the customer enters personal information.

This Privacy Policy applies to personal information held by in the United States only, and shall be construed and construed in accordance with the laws of the United States.

The Miami-Dade County Court shall have jurisdiction over all claims hereafter arising in connection with the matter hereof.

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