The emporium of youth clothing U.S, Forever 21 filed for bankruptcy last Sunday, it added that it plans to close about 350 stores around the world, many consumers -anxious- wait for the discounts.

By MiamiDiario Newsroom

The chain Forever 21 indicated that it will examine its business internationally and therefore will close about 350 stores, included 178 located in the United States.

Forever 21 detailed that it will also close "most of its international locations in Asia and Europe", but will continue to work in Latin America. At this time, the youth clothing company at low prices has 549 stores in the United States and 251 located in other countries, reported

According to The New York Times, Forever 21's bankruptcy was due to factors such as a growing too fast, because it opened stores in 47 nations in less than six years, and the transformations in the fashion industry because people prefer Online shopping.

When knowing the information, Internet users placed a meme series since they expect Forever 21 to sell their merchandise at very low discounts so that they recover part of their capital.

Among those that stand out, «When the girls hear that there is a sale of Forever 21 «Everything is sold».

This one made by a netizen who says: “me getting to take advantage of the discounts in forever 21 after they declared bankruptcy”.

Joseph posted, "All the girls in the world are going to a Forever 21 sale."

Bakers Tom and Lorenzo noted, "Now that Forever 21 is closing, the old spell has been broken and thousands of customers will begin to rapidly age back to their true age."

Another tweeter commented, "Me trying to fit in and act natural in Forever 21 at a very close age of 30."

Another netizen joked, "Bankruptcy Forever 21, me when I go to the offers"

Another tweeter scoffed, assuring, "me entering Forever 21 for their offer sales."

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