Alvaro González was born in Caracas and at the age of eleven he settled in Florida, where he began and carried out an uninterrupted academic career that culminated with his graduation as a psychologist from Florida International University (FIU). From an early age, Alvaro became an obligatory reference for his colleagues and friends who were facing emotional difficulties. 1000 dollar loan today . Alvaro, with calm intelligence and precocious maturity, used to “hit the nail on the head” and lift the spirits of his clients. Before graduating and to finance his studies, Alvaro graduated and worked as a real estate and business broker in the state of Florida. Now, having graduated as a psychologist, Alvaro channeled his knowledge of the human psyche towards the area of ​​business sales in Florida to the point that his integration into the Florida Business group has served to imprint a modern business vision on the Organization. . Now, the latest technological advances in business brokerage are periodically incorporated into the company's service platform. And, without a doubt, greater efficiency is perceived in the levels of international promotion of Businesses in Florida as well as in customer service. Alvaro will always be available to assist anyone interested in investing or living in the “sunshine state.”

Contact Information: Cell: (786) 266-3984 E-mail:

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