Dario Jimenez

Dario Jimenez

Dario Jimenez says he was born in 1943 but few people believe it. His fresh spirituality, his permanent smile and his dynamic attitude towards life place him in a world where time is of no importance. Meeting Darío and getting close to his friendship is a pleasant experience because he always tends to reward those around him with his sound advice and pleasant stories about him. And it is that Darío, without a doubt, has known how to sow multiple seeds of respect and admiration throughout his life: he is a practicing Catholic; gringo in heart and Colombian in soul; devoted grandfather, father and husband; declared conservative; Vietnam War veteran; business administrator from the University of Massachusetts; radio and TV producer; foreign trade expert; promoter of various financial businesses; and licensed business broker in the state of Florida.

At VR Business Brokers we hope that Darío continues to reap fruits in the career that, according to his emotional words, he would have liked to “embrace for life”.


Tel: (407) 247-1763
E-mail: dario@vrcoralgables.com

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