Gina Sosa

gina2Gina Sosa's co-workers are flattered to have her on our team because Gina is that type of person who exudes personal charm and exhibits an impressive rationality in her interventions.

His solid academic background, evidenced by his degrees in philosophy, law and management sciences from Florida International University, opened the doors for him to hold high-level management positions in two prestigious transnational corporations.

For Gina, it's not enough to just pursue excellence at work. Her love for her neighbor has led her to give part of her valuable time to community work and charitable works by actively participating in various foundations and boards of directors.

Since 2006 Gina has been devoting herself with special devotion to business consulting and real estate brokerage. As an active member of the Association of Business Brokers and Realtors (REALTORS), Gina has the technical resources and adequate training to provide a careful service to investors who wish to do good business in the state of Florida.

Tel: (305) 282-1491

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