Hector Maldonado

Hector Maldonado

Hector Maldonado. If something can define the life trajectory of Héctor Maldonado, it is his passion for being useful to his peers. Héctor's charisma, together with his professional capacity and tenacity, have led him to develop successful businesses in South Florida.
After having held important positions as a businessman, factory representative and marketing expert, he decided to put his experience to good use by joining the world of business brokerage at our firm. Taking advantage of his extensive network of contacts, Héctor advises his clientele with generosity and fine-tuned professional knowledge. Currently he is involved in the marketing of the prestigious condominium project Brickell House in Miami and brokers the sale of a broad portfolio of ongoing businesses. Héctor is a “pure strain” Cuban, happily married and proud father of a beautiful daughter. He is a graduate in letters and has a special passion for Latin American poetry. His devotion to service is fully expressed in this quote from Lewis Caroll that he often repeats with conviction: "One of the best secrets in life is that everything worth doing is what we do for others.

Tel: (305) 733-1671
Email: hector@vrcoralgables.com

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