Larry Chiang


Larry Chiang was born in Hong Kong but grew up in Brazil. Gifted with exceptional charisma, Larry earned his Bachelor's degree in Marketing from FAAP, one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in Brazil. After graduation he came to the United States to study, there he met his wife and they went to Puerto Rico for his Bachelor's degree in pharmacy, he made his debut as owner-entrepreneur of a chain of 7 service stations in Orlando, Florida.

 His solid academic background, extensive managerial experience and his unique vocation for social interaction have made this Chinese-Brazilian a person with extraordinary skills for business consulting.

Today, Larry combines his work activities with a pleasant life in his home in Key Biscayne, Florida, surrounded by his wife and two teenage children.

In our organization, we perceive Larry as the most appropriate person to provide us with professional guidance, wise advice, and the occasional timely translation in the languages ​​he is fluent in: Chinese, Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

Tel: (305) 351-7766
E-mail: info

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