The area where the Keys National Marine Reserve is one of the most important Florida, because in addition to being a ecosystem in which they live more than 6 thousand species, contributes to the economy of the state.

By Miami Diario Newsroom

A study was recently done on the Florida Keys National Marine Reserve, in the same it was concluded that this region contributes to the economy of the state, contributing some 4.400 million, in addition to offering 43.000 jobsThese are reasons to invest in protecting and restoring this ecosystem that has more than 6.000 different species, he explained.

La National Foundation of Marine Reserves was the organization that asked the company TBD Economics for an analysis of the economic consequences of the tourist, recreational and sports activities that were carried out in the Cayos reserve.

in the Keys 75.000 residents live, annually they are visited by about three million tourists who spend several days in the area, another 400.000 people come to this place for a single day.

As for cruise ships, the investigation noted that Key West receives around 750.000 passengers annually.

La President and CEO of the National Foundation of Marine Reserves, Kris Sarri, He asserted, “The reserve and its underwater wonders are what make the Keys a place apart and a tremendous tourist destination. In light of the impact the reservation has on the state of Florida as a whole, the protection and restoration of its valuable resources is a important priority«.

In study also presented the threats what have the Keys Marine Reservenamely increased utilization, waste, pollution, stranded ships, disease, more intense storms, disease, acidification and rising sea temperatures.

Monroe County Tourism Development Council Director Stacey Mitchell shares the view that the marine reserve is one of the main attractions of the KeysTherefore, it should be promoted need to protect her both with the locals and with the tourists who visit them.

According to the research, the contribution of Keys Marine Reserve to state economy increased from 4.200 billion dollars in 2015 to 4.400 billion dollars in 2017. Regarding the rate of employment generation, they also increased, from 38.000 in 2015 to 42.900 in 2017.

La Keys Marine Reserve plus favor Monroe County, help other Monroe counties as they depend on the goods and services they offer Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, this relationship contributes to generating more than 1.300 jobs and producing some 214 million dollars in those places, says the study.

With regards to relationship of tourism with the sea, the research stated that it is highly dependent on the environmental conditions of the place are optimal. In this aspect it refers to the increase of the different algae negatively affecting Florida beaches, highlights that if they reach the Cayos marine reserve, it can negatively impact the economy between 389 million dollars and 1.500 million dollars.

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