Healthy, fast food restaurant that offers soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, desserts and crepes with fresh, organic and high quality ingredients. Fully equipped with walk in cooler and freezer, commercial oven, pancake griddle, professional coffee maker and stainless steel salad bar. Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. It has capacity for 35 clients inside and 35 outside. Located in the exclusive "The Shops at Heron Lakes" shopping center on Sawgrass Expressway. From November 2019, when it opened, to mid-March 2020, when it closed, the restaurant sold a daily average of $1,000. Employees have been carefully trained to adhere to strict sanitization guidelines to keep customers away from the dangers of COVID-19.
Price: $ 280.000

Alba Zylbermann
(305) 794-0808

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