El Governor Ron DeSantis wants to provide "flexible" regulations in an effort to create more jobs of financial technology in the state.

By MiamiDiario Newsroom

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis maintains that the banking sector in jacksonville can lead the way in improving financial services through online technology, better known as “fintech«. This Monday he presented a proposal to make some changes in the state law.

“If we look at the space coast, everything that is happening with the aerospace and commercial space. If you see down in South Florida, you've got great things happening in tech. I think a place like Jacksonville was tailor-made to bring the financial technology industry to the next level,” DeSantis said during a news conference at the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce.

DeSantis' proposal has several parts. DeSantis ordered Enterprise Florida and Department of Economic Opportunities expedite the review of applications by the Job Growth Grant Fund what do they propose workforce training at state universities linked to the financial technology industry.

“We really conceive them to be like financial technology academiesDeSantis pointed out. “Jacksonville is obviously a natural place for that. But if you look at Tampa, Miami, there are other places in the state that can do it too. I think it will not only be beneficial, I think it sends a signal that we are taking workforce training very seriously to people who want to invest in Florida.”

The fund, created in 2017 after a legislative battle over incentives, in the current fiscal year, has $ 40 million for job training and public infrastructure projects.

DeSantis also intends to propose legislation for the 2020 session that ease regulations for fintech companies that "break the status quo". So that they can exist “with more flexible regulatory requirements”.

The Governor of Florida considers that his legislative proposal seeks pave the way for financial technology, (such as the crypto company Blockchain and digital money, such as Bitcoin,) that can be “stifled” by the state's current financial regulation rules.

Source: CBS

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