Good news for the Latino community that lives in South Florida is that Colombians he increased your investment en Condo-hotels located in the city of Miami.

By MiamiDiario Newsroom

Miami  It is considered one of the five US markets with the highest economic growth. According to statistics, 144 new jobs have been created in this city in the last five years, and unemployment is below the national average, explained the information portal

One of the employment offers which greater attractive is presenting to investors -lately- are the Condo-Hotels, This property gives the owner the opportunity to have a personal space that you can rent whenever you want and thus earn additional income.

El Executive Vice President of One Sotheby's International Realty, Fernando de Núñez y Lugones, assured: “There is so much demand for hotels and short-stay apartments in Miami that this sector is one of the five main markets in the United States, with a expected occupancy will stay above the 77% during 2019″.

Nunez and Lugones states that this trend draws the attention of Latin American buyers, because they take it as a great investment opportunity.

According to projections of the distribution of Latin American investors for 2019, by countries are located: Mexico 21%, Colombia 13%, Argentina 13%, Venezuela 8%, Brazil 5% and Ecuador with 3%.

When comparatively analyzing the investors of Latin America with those of other latitudes, it is observed that the Hispanics buy more than 50% of real estate in South Florida. The reasons are that they consider it to be a stable market and the location of the buildings is strategic.

The inhabitants from Colombia ranked second among Latinos that invest the most in real estate in South Florida. The total money they have spent is 957 million dollars annually.

The main cities from which Colombian investors come are 36% from Bogotá, 30% from Medellín and 29% from the Caribbean area, where the towns of Cartagena, Barranquilla and Santa Marta are located.

One of the projects Condo-Hotel currently available is Okana Tower, located at 555 North Miami Avenue, it is a 70-story construction, has 5.945 square meters of class A office space, 294 Hilton & Resorts suites, 236 hotel condominium residential apartments and 149 private condominium residential apartments that they own between one to three bedrooms.

President Okan Group, Bekir Okan, states that the okan-tower It is attractive to Colombian investors because it is managed by Hilton & Resorts, which is why the buyer will have an apartment that integrates the comfort of a home with the special treatment of a top-class hotel.

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