25 years ago the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of South Florida, at that time it was made up of more businessmen than women, but in recent years the number of companies whose owners are female.

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The President and CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of South Florida (SFLHCC), Liliam Lopez, commented that in the last eight years «there has been a very large rise in the participation of women business owners to such an extent that we had to create a Hispanic women's committee because that group became very strong," he reported. elnuevoherald.com.

According to Florida's latest annual report, of women-owned businesses by American Express, there is large number of businesswomen in the state.

This study was conducted by American Express after comparing information from the US Census Bureau and the Office of Business Owners Survey.

Liliam Lopez

Among the data that stood out from the report are that since 2014 Florida is the third state in the nation in which the number of women-owned businesses is increasing, rose by 26.6%. Regarding the generation of employment, it is in 22nd place, which implies an increase of 4.3%, and occupies 12th place in the increase in the income of companies with a rise of 12.8%.

In addition, it is estimated that there 1.1 million women-owned businesses, they generate more than 500.000 jobs and produce revenue of about 101.700 billion dollars for Florida.

In terms of growth in the number of women-owned businesses, Florida ranks fourth among the top 50 cities in the United States. The increase was 43.7% in the last five years.

Florida ranks 26th for job creation, which was an increase of 7.6%.

The president of the SFLHCC highlighted that in Florida there are many small business owners, as well as women in senior executive positions in different companies.

The main branches in which women own their own business are the consulting in communications, health, advertising and beauty, he highlighted elnuevoherald.com.

As for the main cities where women own businesses, the study carried out by American Express indicates that Orlando is in the seventh position with an increase of 37.6% in the last five years, it also ranks 11th in the creation of jobs, with an increase of 16.3%,

Other of the cities of Florida that stood out in the investigation was Jacksonville, which ranked eighth with an increase of 34.8% in companies in the hands of women, the seventh city in terms of job creation with an increase of 17% and 21st place in terms of income increase with 18.1%.

The creator of Family and Money Matters, Elaine King, stated that the increase in the number of companies owned by women is due to the large number of digital tools that can be accessed, greater access to credit and the redefinition of the worked.

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