El Security College US It is offering 5 full scholarships for Venezuela. The purpose is to help those professionals interested in improving themselves and who currently live in the Caribbean country.

By MiamiDiario Newsroom

Security College US  It is offering 5 full scholarships for Diploma in Risk Analysis and Security Studies that starts the October 1. 

Carlos Perez Barrios, tutor of the Diploma, maintains that «it is a gesture of solidarity  with our Venezuelan brothers. I believe that solidarity must be demonstrated with facts, and this is a forceful fact».

Pérez Barrios, tutor professor of the Diploma, is a risk analyst and designer of comprehensive security projects and security advisor to industrial, educational, security, hotel and financial companies.

Both the institution and the tutor waived their fees in order to offer these full scholarships. “It is a commitment of solidarity and support for Venezuelan professionals given the situation that is being experienced, "says Pérez Barrios.

He considers that this level of professionalization is of particular importance in the current moment that Venezuela is going through. "Developing appropriate security strategies for companies in a context as complex as the one that exists there is, at this time, of particular importance. We believe that with these scholarships we are contributing our gram of sand».

The objective of the Diploma is to instruct the students in the use of a Risk Analysis model for submit a Security Study in the simplest way, and that allow them  raise the level of security in facilities and organizations object of each investigation efficiently.

It is aimed at Managers, Administrators, Executives, Supervisors, Security Chiefs, Advisors and related specialists.

According to the tutor, with this Diploma it will be possible to implement a guide that allows identifying the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities that all the facilities present so that, once processed, generate recommendations that will indicate the most efficient route to raise the security level of both the facilities and the personnel who attend them.

Pérez Barrios explains that the Diploma will be taught under the modality online.  "SIt will be developed through a platform designed to meet the requirements and carry out the proper follow-up that the student needs during the Diploma course».

According to the tutor, the teachers, in addition to teaching the classes and orientations, will be in permanent contact with the participants through the use of the platform of the Security College and the use of other means such as email.

The academic panel is made up of renowned security professionals, among whom are Arthur Grandon (Professional expert in international security, comprehensive risk management and advisor in different States on transnational security issues), Alfredo Yuncoza (Vice President of ASIS International for Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela), Alejandro Lanzetta Retamales (Professional Expert in Risk Prevention and Environmental Consultant, Specialist in Electronic Security and new technologies), joany guerrero (Expert in Intelligence in Cyberwarfare and Cybersecurity and Technical Intelligence and Electronic Warfare operations).

To apply, request more information from [email protected] The scholarships are being offered to professionals residing in Venezuela.

More information about the program at: https://www.securitycollege.us/aryestudiosdeseguridad.html

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