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The Valuation Group, Inc.

The Valuation Group Inc.

The Valuation Group, Inc. is a full-service economic consulting firm with the experience to deliver solutions to its clients' most complex economic challenges with confidence, convenience and success. They are specialized in valuations of patents, copyrights, companies, economic sectors, minority stakes in companies, and have calculated damages in numerous areas. If you need to finance, refinance, bequeath, buy, sell, merge, insure or re-insure your business or other intangible asset, The Valuation Group, Inc. has the right appraisal and advisory services.

Robert Bueso has more than 29 years of experience in the valuation of intangible assets, as a principal associate in the economic consulting company The Valuation Group, Inc. He has performed numerous appraisals and advice for his clients in the sale of real estate and businesses.

Robert Bueso



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