Applications for unemployment benefits have decreased in the US

Unemployment subsidy applications have decreased below 200.000 and this is because fewer people have applied for them, showing that the labor market is holding up despite the inflation caused by Covid-19, Diario Libre reported.  
The decrease in these requests fell from 8.000 to 198.000 according to the registry of the Department of Labor. This registry reported the average of a month that week by week had decreased considerably, falling to less than 199.000, and this has been the lowest level since October 1969.

Despite the new massive outbreaks of the new variant of Covid-19, there is no new wave of unemployment and 1,7 million Americans have received unemployment benefits in the third week of December.
This is because employers feel that it is not possible to fire their employees in times as difficult as these, where it is difficult to find a replacement. In addition, in the month of October they reported 11 million vacancies and 4,2 million Americans resigned from their positions.
When the pandemic began, hundreds of businesses closed and others reduced their working hours, as well as others laid off their employees. In this way, employers reduced more than 22 million jobs between March and April 2020, shooting up the unemployment rate by 14,8 percent.

Miami Daily
Author: Natasha Palís 7:51 am

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