Spirit Airlines will have a crew training base in Miami

The aeronautical company Spirit Airlines announced this weekend that it will open a training center in the city of Miami. This was reported by the journalist Pranjal Pande, from the web portal simpleflying.com.
The goal of the Fort Lauderdale-based airline is to train more than 100 pilots and 200 cabin crew. The members of the organization reported in a statement.

Currently, Spirit Airlines has become the second largest operator outside of Miami Airport.
Spirit Airlines seeks to generate more employment
The objective, in addition to training new crew members, is to generate more jobs, especially in full economic recovery of the aeronautical sector, after the Covid-19 pandemic.
"We are always evaluating our network for opportunities to improve our operational performance as our flight options continue to expand," the company said in a statement.

Spirit Airlines To Launch Crew Bases In Miami & Atlanta https://t.co/I0qXPg1d3E
— EIN Presswire: Airlines Newswire (@EINAirlineNews) March 6, 2022

Spirit Airlines currently has two training bases, in Florida. One located at its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale and another in Orlando.
In addition, of those that are already in Atlantic City, Chicago O'Hare, Dallas, Detroit and Las Vegas.
Benefits for employees
The executive vice president and director of operations of the airline, John Bendoraitis, reported that in addition to generating jobs, workers will be able to enjoy some perks that surpass other airlines.
“Spirit team members will gain exciting new home base options and additional travel opportunities,” Bendoraitis said.
Spirit Airlines had recently announced the merger, with low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines, which is scheduled for mid-2022.
With all these movements, the company hopes to have an economic boost during the summer holidays, in 2022.

Miami Daily
Author: Daniel Parra 9:12 am

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