Governor Ron DeSantis reported Friday that the florida unemployment rate it fell to 3 percent in December 2019. "My administration continues to pursue bold priorities for Florida, and our efforts to diversify the economy are paying off," Governor DeSantis said. “I remain focused on ensuring that Florida offers a world-class talent pool to businesses and invests in our students and educators., as published wtxl

By Miami Diario Newsroom

El Governor DeSantis He stated that "we continue to prioritize the protection of our natural resources and water quality while looking for ways to support new and innovative industries that are helping to produce historically low unemployment in our state."

One thing to consider is that the workforce continued to grow with 220,000 Floridians entering the workforce ofduring the year. 

Another fact to be evaluated is that the job postings in Florida showed 284,263 openings in December 2019.

The truth is that Florida businesses created 198.200 private sector jobs during the year and the state's annual private sector job growth rate of 2.5 percent continues to outpace the national job growth rate of 1.5 percent.


With information of: wtxl

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