El avocado It is a beneficial fruit for everyone, children, pregnant women and older adults, since it has high levels of Omega 3 along with other minerals and vitamins, in Miami there are some that can measure more than a meter long, ideal for those who rave about this delicacy.

By MiamiDiario Newsroom

En Miami a company decided to invest in larger avocados called “long necks”, which are really huge.

The company is called MiamiFruit and recently created a huge impact on social media when he showcased his campaign on the newest long neck avocados.

The company indicates that there are about "dozens of unique varieties that are not common anywhere else in the United States," he said. venezuelaaldia.com.

The sizes of the "long neck" avocados vary from the 45 centimeters to almost a meter and a half long

According to Miami farmers, this type of Avocados They have been growing in the area for a long time, according to some of the farmers, the species of these fruits is actually called "Pure Life", and are born from a tree of the same name.

MiamiFruit ensures that their flavor and texture are different, since they are creamier, denser and a little sweet.

If you want to buy one you should contact MiamiFruit but it will be for the 2020 harvest, because this year's season is over.

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