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The Coffee Cup Franchise

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The Coffee Cup Franchise OpportunitiesThe Coffee Cup owns its own state of the art roasting facility(Quality Grains) which is one of the largest coffee roasters in Central America. The Coffee Cup has full control of our coffee beans from the coffee bush to the final roasted and packaged end product.
The support that we provide our franchisees by owning our own roasting plant is an intricate part of your profitability. There are no worries of third-party roasters or importers raising your coffee prices or changing the quality of your coffee mid-stream into your business.

Unique Turn-Key Pre-Built Store

The Coffee Cup Franchise OpportunitiesYour complete Coffee Cup store (A Franchise In A Box) arrives in two containers to your site location. These containers include almost everything that you need to open your Coffee Cup store.
  • The Coffee Cup Pre-Built Module
  • Furniture
  • All the equipment necessary to operate your business
  • Signs and awnings (when required)
Each and every piece of equipment for your Coffee Cup store is inspected prior to being shipped to your site location to ensure that nothing has been damaged in transit to our freight forwarder. We then verify that the manufacturer of the equipment has sent the proper model and that the specifications are correct. These verifications contribute to a smooth and on-time opening of your store. We even send a foreman (a representative of The Coffee Cup) to your site location to assemble the Pre-Built Module.

Company History

Mr. Samuel Quiros founded Quality Grains over 20 years ago, and the roasting facility is one of the largest in Central America. Then in 2002, Mr. Quiros and his wife, Leyla Quiros, founded The Coffee Cup with the opening of their first store. After receiving an overwhelming response from customers who just fell in love with The Coffee Cup experience, they started to open more stores in El Salvador and Honduras. The Coffee Cup currently has 30 stores in the two countries.
The benefits of The Coffee Cup owning and operating its own roasting plant are substantial. The franchisee is assured that the quality of the coffee is always consistent and that the price of the coffee will always be fair. Click below to see our roasting plant video.
Total Number of Units:30
Franchised Units:18
Year Established:2002
Franchising Since:2002

Finance Investment

The Coffee Cup Franchise OpportunitiesThe Total Estimated Initial Investment is between $220,000 and $385,000, depending on the size of the store and the amount of build out or renovations required.
The Franchise Fee is $30,000 for the first store and $25,000 for each store thereafter if not part of an area development agreement.

Area Development Requirements

The Area Development agreement requires an upfront Area Development (option) Fee of $10,000 per store. The Franchise Fee under an Area Development agreement is reduced from $30,000 to $10,000 per storepaid upon execution of each franchise agreement. Liquid Capital required is between $100,000 to $125,000 with a net worth of $300,000 to $400,000. No financing is provided by The Coffee Cup.
Total Estimated Initial Investment:$220K – $385K
Deductible Fee:$30K – $25K
Liquid Capital Required:$100K – $125K
Net Worth Required:$300K – $400K
Financial Assistance:No

Training and Support

The Coffee Cup Franchise OpportunitiesThe training and support that The Coffee Cup provides is extensive.

initial training

Approximately 60 days prior to the scheduled opening, an appointed manager and two additional persons will receive up to 3 weeks of initial training at The Coffee Cup's training facility.

Grand Opening

Then The Coffee Cup provides two representatives for the purpose of facilitating the opening of your store. These company representatives spend approximately 7 days prior to and during the commencement of operations of your Coffee Cup store. The Coffee Cup provides the same amount of training and support even if you open a second store.

continued support

In addition to the initial training, The Coffee Cup will continue to assist and guide in all aspects of the operation and management of your business through periodic visits.
A representative of The Coffee Cup will help set financial goals for your store and review them every month to evaluate if the goals are being met. This is where the real support comes into play. Every effort is made to make your store profitable. We can identify problem areas and help to correct them and keep your store on the right track.
Does Corporate Assist in Site Selection:Yes
Does Corporate Provide Advertising and Marketing (Local, National):Franchisee is required to spend 3% of net sales on local advert.
Does Corporate Provide Continued Support:Yes

The Coffee Cup Franchise Opportunitieslocation requirements

The Coffee Cup store requires between 800 sq. ft. to 1,600 sq. ft.


The Coffee Cup concept can be:
  • A stand-alone kiosk
  • in a mall
  • online store
  • strip mall
  • Stand-alone building with drive thru
The Coffee Cup stores are given a designated exclusive area where no other stores can be opened.

Target Market Areas

The Coffee Cup is offering start-up single-unit franchises, conversion franchises and area development franchises in the following states:
  • Texas
  • Florida
The Coffee Cup is offering area development franchises in the following states:
AlabamaDistrict of ColumbiaMassachusettsNew JerseyVermont
AlaskaGeorgiaMississippiNew MexicoWest Virginia
DelawareLouisianaNew HampshireTennessee

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