Various nations have reported the purchase of defective masks to the regime of China, and the politicians have discovered in the bitterest way what any businessman who negotiate with that country, what is a very risky market, full of idemocratic impediments and tricksters.

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In Spain with the purchase of medical supplies the situation has been so illogical as in the case of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz-Ayuso, who a certain Angel told her through Twitter, “I have a supplier from South Korea who can get covid-19 tests for hospitals, self-tests and masks. Do you want his contact?”, and the politician replied “Yes. By private [message]. Thank you". without knowing who he was, narrates

Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz-Ayuso

Due to the shortage of medical products due to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic that hit Europe and the United States, leaving different countries without supplies, hospital networks are massively searching -and without a network- in Asian markets for all products to fight the pandemic.

This situation markedly favored China, as supply prices skyrocketed.

In the case of Spain, "the declaration one week before the state of alarm scarcity worsened due to expectations of expropriation and price control. Importers and private agents paralyzed their operations. The masks disappeared from pharmacies and the meager available supply was reserved for the clinical front. But there wasn't enough. While Health instructed hospitals to work without protection, photos of health personnel facing the pandemic rolled up in garbage bags multiplied on social networks, "he described.

In this way, the unusual tweet that Ayuso answered without reviewing led her to buy medical products in China. considered the world's leading exporter of surgical masks, gowns, gloves, disinfectants and ventilators. But unfortunately when buying in a extremely risky market, brought as consequences, losses.

To Raphael Jimenez, Asia-Pacific regional manager of the consumer products division Eurofins, a transnational specialized in laboratory services and quality control, In China it is always necessary to have some 'eyes' on the ground that control the entire process, from checking the product to ensuring logistics. Many private agents and European governments, in a hurry, have not dedicated the necessary resources and time to safely import this type of material, leading to resounding failures”

Countries scammed by China

There are already more than 10 countries that fell into the hands of chinese scammers, who were paid fraudulent orders for masks, tests and other materials, and it was all a scam,

Among the countries that fell -one by one- in one of the world's largest scam ring are Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Czech Republic, Canada, among others.

These scams have irritated several Western countries, which consider it intolerable that Beijing allows this chaos in the face of the greatest emergency of the century, but it also shows the great critical dependency that several countries have on Chinese industry and how little we know about it.

Although the Chinese market is very dangerous, this country is «the great bazaar of this type of supply. Before the crisis, the Asian nation produced about half of the masks in the world, followed by Taiwan, with 20%. Other possible markets, such as South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand, are keeping exports of this protective equipment restricted - as China did during the worst of the continental outbreak, "describes

The business in China

Now that it has no competition and that many countries have had to look to China to buy medical supplies and survive, the numbers indicate that in two months, "China exported medical supplies worth more than 7.000 million euros, according to statements by Jin Hai, d

director of Chinese customs in statements collected by the China Daily, highlighted

Furthermore, the sales volume almost tripling sales from about 130 million euros at the beginning of April to 320 million daily at the end of the month, indicates the Spanish portal.

Chinese scam continues

However, at the end of March, Spain returned  58.000 rapid diagnostic tests out of a total of 640.000 that he had commissioned from Bioeasy because the sensitivity of the tests -normally required at 80%- barely exceeded 30%, reported

“The intermediary from Spain was various suppliers in China but decided to buy from the company based in Shenzhen because was the first to reply”, explained a source to the Chinese state newspaper Global Times about the case.

Another nation swindled was the Netherlands, which also they returned 1,3 million masks which had already been distributed among medical and nursing staff because despite the fact that they had a quality certificate, they did not fulfill their function.

Then in Belgium the same thing happened, Belgian Minister Philippe De Backer regretted having bought three million FFP2 masks of "unacceptable quality".

What does China say?

Recently a senior Chinese official went to a hearing, there rrecognized that some exporters had sold “non-medical” masks as “medical masks” and that they had detected sales operations at “a non-normal price”, highlighted the Spanish portal.

To show its commitment to cleaning up the market, Beijing has announced the confiscation of almost 90 million masks and 418.000 protective materials.

But the scams continue and can become a terrible problem for China and your credibility.

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