bright line returned to the public arena after Richard Branson informed that his company, virgin group, would Florida's fastest train partner, at that moment the journalists enjoyed a trip from Miami to West Palm Beach and forgot the large number of deceased related to the yellow trains.

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For some, that trip -approximately- an hour made by the British millionaire with journalists and several personalities from Florida made them forget -for a moment- the rate of deaths in which the trains that began to work -officially- are involved. in January 2018, highlighted

The first case of death occurred in July 2017 when tests were being carried out on a Brightline train, then 40 more people have died. According to an analysis of Federal Railroad Administration data by The Associated Press, that information indicates that more than one individual per month has died.

However, it should be noted that federal officials and reports ensure that none of the deaths caused by Brightline trains were caused by personnel or faulty equipment.

Most of the deaths have been suicides, the rest are related to drivers, pedestrians or cyclists who ignored safety warnings, many of the victims have been intoxicated with drugs or alcohol.

What does Brightline do?

On the problem of train-related deaths, Brightline president Patrick Goddard said that although the deaths were not the company's responsibility, they are trying to control the situation.

In this regard, Goddard asserted, "This is something that obsesses us... It's tragic." He added, "There is nothing we would want more than for that number to go down to zero."

Among the proposals made by the company is to work with groups to prevent suicides and train staff on what to do in such cases, place infrared motion detectors and drones to monitor the roads.

In addition, Brightline is also putting up barriers in key areas, building four-way gates at major intersections, and looking at the possibility of removing crossovers at side streets.

The Future of Brightline

It was learned that thanks to the alliance with the billionaire Brason, Brightline will become Virgin TrainsUSA. right now they have 17 trains running 67 miles between Miami y West Palm Beach, by 2021 they plan to make the journey to Orlando, (170 miles).

They are also planning a line linking the south of California y Las Vegas, and then they will make the journey to Texas.

For its part, the Federal Railroad Administration He did not comment on the deaths related to Brightline, but assured that his “first priority is safety”, for this reason they are carrying out different strategies to reduce deaths by trains.

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