This Thursday, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, gave some “federal guidelines” with the aim that the states decide how to act in the face of confinement and finally restart the country’s economy.

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“The experts are clear that we can move on to the next phase: opening our country. (...) Although we will not do it all at once, but step by step. Some States will open sooner than others. The states are very different. If they need to remain closed, we will help them. If they want to open, too," he said at a press conference.

Trump called the recommendations "the next front in our war, which is called opening America up again." This strategy is based into "verifiable data" and that "benchmarks must be met at each stage", although they do not suggest reopening dates.

The plan launched on Thursday afternoon is designed to "mitigate the risk of resurgence" of the pandemic and to "protect the most vulnerable," the guidelines say.

It is "implementable at the state or county-by-county level" at the discretion of each state's governor, a clear contradiction of the president's earlier claim that he had "full authority" to direct governors how and when to reopen.

According to Dr. Deborah Birx of the White House Task Force “we will establish surveillance points to detect asymptomatic individuals in the communities (…) We want all states to have a plan to attend to workers in critical places”, he indicated.

Here is Dr. Birx's explanation of the phases of reopening:

1 phase:

Start with the most vulnerable individuals, keep 6 feet apart, and keep telecommuting as long as possible.

Avoid visits to senior centers and always maintain social distance.

Schools remain closed. Gyms will open, but with the established distances.

2 phase:

High-risk individuals must maintain physical distance; They must ensure that the meetings are of no more than 50 people and teleworking is maintained according to the needs of each place.

3 phase:

People can join public life while respecting social distance. Individuals at low risk for the disease should minimize the time they spend in crowded spaces.

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