A recent investigation concluded that the , Considered the most important industry Of the state of Florida, is the industry that pay the worst wages U.S..

By Miami Diario Newsroom

Florida has always been a place of contrasts, one of the examples is that the salaries are not at the same level as the cost of rents, employees in the entertainment and tourism sectors walk many miles or commute by bus to and from the most luxurious areas such as Miami Beach, in other words, there are notable problems of inequality throughout the state.

Recently the Florida State University made a new research projects. in which he indicates that the problems could simply be endemic to the state tourism industry, highlighted the news portal miaminewtimes.com.

Studying Florida State University was published in the tourism magazine Tourism Management last week.

According to the results of the researchers from the Florida State University, staff in the hospitality, entertainment and leisure industries, working in the best places in Miami and Florida, receive the lower average wages when compared to salaries in any other industry in the United States.

One of the data that raised alarm in the researchers was learning that hospitality industry employees, in which they are located from servants to housewives, perceive the lower annual salary earnings of all major industries studied.

In this regard, the professor at Florida State University and co-editor of the research, tarik dogruHe stated, "That was very shocking."

Another conclusion that Professor Dogru reported from the research is that “at the national level, wages are rising more in other industriess than in the hotel industry».

To carry out the research, they compared the base salaries of workers in the ten main labor sectors: construction, public services, finance, mining, manufacturing, information technology, education, among others. Tips are not included because they are not part of base pay.

In terms of raises, for every dollar the average American worker earns, the employee in the tourism sector only gets a raise. 81 cents.

In Florida there is a state law that prevents local municipalities from setting their own minimum wages, currently the minimum wage is $8,46 per hour.

The amount is even lower for tipped employees, who are legally paid $5.44 per hour, is the base pay in Florida.

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