In South Florida there is a new community called Palm Beach, which will have a facility that is unusual in the state, it is a new boarding school geared towards sports, especially football.

By MiamiDiario Newsroom

In the planned community of Westlake, Minto Communities USA has a contract to sell 91 acres to a developer who wants to build a boarding school for children from pre-kindergarten to high school, reported

The idea is to create a school for 1.300 students. Of which 800 students between 6th and 12th grade will have the option of boarding on campus.

boarding school will be mixed and will prepare young people for a university career, it will be called ISTF Preparatory School and International Sports Training Facility, it will differ from other boarding schools in that it is directed towards sports for students who wish to excel in one of these activities and wish to continue practicing it in the future.

they will make special emphasis on football, however students will also practice golf and tennis, the goal is to prepare students interested in playing those sports at the college or professional level.

The developer, Contraria, approved the construction of 533.000 square feet, which will include classrooms, dormitories, offices, a 10.000-seat exhibition field, a multipurpose field, 10 soccer fields and 15 tennis courts.

Contraria Development President and CEO David Shaggycon explained that tuition and boarding fees have yet to be finalized. He added that will emphasize the football to attract foreign students since it is considered the most played sport at the international level.

Since becoming a city in 2016, Westlake has grown to occupy some 4.000 acres, starting from scratch building first homes, then stores. a hospital and there are plans to build a church.

Construction of the boarding school is expected to begin in January 2020 ISTF Preparatory School and International Sports Training Facility, which should open its doors in the fall of 2021.

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