As part of its expansion strategy to the west coast of the United States, UniVista Insurance It has opened California offices and will soon launch its successful franchise Program, the company announced today.

UniVista, headquartered in Miami and which the Insurance Journal ranked in the Top 31 in 2019 nationally among property and casualty insurance providers, has opened three offices in California, with plans to open another threes and hire dozens of licensed agents by the end of the year. In addition, the company announced that its franchise program, key to its success in Florida, will launch in 90 days on the west coast of the country.

"In 2019, UniVista Insurance projects gross receipts of more than $100 million by providing great insurance products to our Spanish customers on both the East and West coasts of the US The public response to our philosophy of offering great insurance and customer service at an affordable price has generated a great demand for our products and franchises in California,” said Iván Herrera, CEO of UniVista. "Soon we will be serving large communities in Texas, Arizona and other states."

strong leadership

Launched in 2009 under the leadership of Iván Herrera, the company generated $76 million in gross revenue in 2018, a considerable increase compared to $64 million in 2017.

Today, the company has 122 locations in Florida, including more than 15 corporate offices, 107 franchises and three call centers. UniVista employs 1.114 men and women, including 220 licensed agents.

In 2019, the South Florida Business Journal ranked UniVista Insurance between 42 major private companies, and was named number 64 in Growjo's "100 Fastest Growing Companies in Miami" Awards for 2019.

Univista focused on a market that was ignored by other insurance companies, a market that was made up of Spanish-speaking immigrant workers in communities like Hialeah, which could pay for insurance if the policies were correct, Herrera said. The company also spent time training its employees and its agents, who took classes every day on everything from the UniVista culture to how to prevent customer fraud.

New horizons

UniVista is innovating in the industry marketplace with the recent launch of UniVista.TV, an online Internet network featuring original programming including Jose Carlucho y su Show.

UniVista.TV also announced new programming for the digital platform with the incorporation of great figures such as Omar Moynelo, from "De Todo con Moynelo", and Tony Pinelli, from "Un Café con Pinelli", as well as the launch of a new project entitled, Miami Task Force.


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