Respondents affirm that Venezuela is in an economic crisis.

EVenebarometro: 72,9% of Venezuelans affirm that we are in an economic crisisn the Venebarometer of February 2014, with field work at the end of January 2014, 72,9 of those surveyed agreed that Venezuela is experiencing an economic crisis and 57,8% expressed fear that the current economic situation will lead them to lose their source of income.

The Venebarometer of February 2014 also the perception of Venezuelan businessmen, obtaining a positive evaluation of 62,3% for those surveyed, an increase compared to October 2013 when they obtained 61,4% positive responses.

72,7% disagreed with the intention of the madurismo to establish a communal state in Venezuela. 48,2% described the performance of the current communal councils as positive, while 45,8% described it as negative.

Although the majority approves that the State prices some products, the majority rejects that it is the owner and controller of the supply of medicines, internet, media, banking, clothing and footwear, supermarkets, pharmacies, among other sectors.

Insecurity with 80,8% of the mentions, food shortages with 63,8%, the high cost of living with 40,3% and unemployment are the main problems for the Venezuelan citizen.

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