At West Dade Career, located in the 8485 SW 40th St, 2nd Floor, Miami, FL. You will be able to find: Search for a job, advice and training to prepare for a job interview, training for preparing your resume, in addition to belonging to the professional job placement network where you can obtain different information about the labor market.

If you are unemployed or need help finding one, come to the West Dade Center as soon as possible. In addition, you will receive personalized information on Spanish and English, free, regardless of race, nationality or age.

According to official figures, this year 161.000 people entered the labor force of the state with an annual growth rate of 1,6%, 0,3% more than last December. Many of these jobs were found in places like Miami's West Dade Carrer.

The greatest growth was seen in professional and business services, with 54.000 new jobs, education and health services (35.900) and commerce, transportation and public services (29.400). Similarly, the construction sector, with 26.600 new jobs, leisure and hospitality (25.600) and financial activities (16.700). Job openings in Florida showed 273.740 vacancies last July, and the consumer confidence index was 97,8% that month.

Currently the job offers are still valid and in different fields of action and at this time in this help center, different job vacancies are being offered, such as for school bus drivers, sales service agents for Call Center, marketing managers, managers with experience of customer service, sales associates, appointment coordinators, doormen, cooks, waiters, car washers, engineers, among others. From well-known companies such as Five Bellow, Toyota, Lexus, The Biltmore Hotel and Hertz.

Requirements for school bus employment must be: Minimum 5 years of experience with driver's license, excellent driving record, acceptable background check, ability to communicate in English, pay is $14.82 per hour, with 7-hour shifts hours per day 35 hours per week.

And for all other jobs, they must have your papers up to date, experience to the position that interests them, and apply in person at the West Dade Center, in the week of 17 to September 20.


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