Kennedy Space Center plans to create its own wetland bank

Despite the anger from the environmental community against the Kennedy Space Center, it has indicated that they have identified three strips of land, totaling 134 acres (542.279 square meters) for the construction of their wetland bank, Click Orlando reported. . 
The goal of this bank is for NASA to continue its exploration into space, Florida Today reported.

These land reserves are to compensate for the habitat destruction caused by a slow development known as the mitigation bank and that it is the first incursion of KSC in practice.
Mitigation banking has as its mission the restoration and preservation of extensions of land in which they will compensate for the loss of critical habitats, where homes, businesses and even roads and other projects can be built. When the aforementioned is restored, the mitigation bank can issue "credits" or sell to the entity that allowed them to develop and thus be able to plan in other areas.
This way there is no gain when impacting the environment.

Miami Daily
Author: Natasha Palís 7:04 am

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