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In the search engine that we present in this section you will find information related to the sale/lease of residential real estate listed in the information system of the Association of Realtors®.


By browsing the system you will get up-to-date market information in the different regions of Florida. If you want guidance in the use of the search engine or prefer that we do the search for the property or properties of your choice, at no cost to you, do not hesitate to contact us.



You have 2 options:

  1. Use the Finder
    1.  To use the search engine, click on the icon below Search. When the dialog box opens, fill it in as follows:
      1.  Select the type of property.
      2. Enter the name of the city (City); o County (County); or the postal code of your choice. You can see the map here
      3. Enter the Minimum price (min. Price) and the maximum price (Price Max) that you are willing to pay.
      4. Enter the number of rooms (Bedrooms) and bathrooms (Bathrooms).
      5. Press “Search” to activate search.
  2. To use the Map click on the icon Search by Map.
    1. When the map opens you will see some icons that represent the properties available on the market.
      1. In the first box, enter the Minimum price (min. Price) that you are willing to pay.
      2. in the second frame put the maximum price (Price Max) that you are willing to pay.
      3. By clicking on the third box (Filter), different selection possibilities open up, here you will find the cities (fly to city) and other specifications.
      4. Press “update Search” or the magnifying glass and the available properties will open according to your search criteria

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