El Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, released a program that will benefit the elderly what do you spend monthly more than 50% of your income in paying your rent.

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With the program Rental assistance for seniors, The mayor's office seeks to solve a problem that affects the elderly, such as the rental of their home, so they made it known univision.com.

Suarez noted, "The increase in rent is much larger than the increase in Social Security." The goal of this program is "to the mayor pays the difference to a maximum of 100 dollars for people who qualify for this program.

Requirements to apply to this new plan

The requirements requested by the mayor's office for people to apply for this program of Rental Assistance for Seniors son:

  • Have more than 62 years of age.
  • Be a resident of the city of Miami.
  • Present valid identification.
  • Submit a sworn statement indicating that you are a resident of this locality,
  • That the annual income of the applicant does not exceed 23.000 dollars, and if it is a couple that is not greater than 27.000 dollars.

This program was approved by the Miami City CommissionHowever, several of its members consider it insufficient, as is the case of Commissioner José Carroll, who stated: "This is an excellent plan, but it will only help some 700 or 800 people."

While the elderly look with hope on this program.

Registration forms will be available as of December 9, at the local government headquarters in Coconut Grove, in the administrative offices, reported univisión.com.

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