Many believe that people America's wealthiest experi on Rodeo Drive in California, or on Fifth Avenue in New York, for that is not the case. Fisher Island, an exclusive place of Miami Beach.

By MiamiDiario Newsroom

According to the Bloomberg news agency, in Fisher Island it is the place where the largest number of millionaires live in the United States.

El average annual salary of its inhabitants is 2,2 million, to get to the island -which has less than 88 hectares- you can only do it from Miami Beach by yacht or private ferry, he explained

On the Palazzo del Sol Instagram account they explain about Fisher Island, "Our famous island is also one of the best kept secrets thanks to the privacy, security and exclusivity offered by its unique location. Only residents and registered guests can access Fisher Island, which can be reached exclusively via a short ferry ride from Miami Beach or by private yacht. Close to everything, yet a world apart when it comes to luxury island privacy.

A CNBC article stated that in Fisher Island they are living less than 2.000 people, has "a spa, golf course, private beach with butler service and an aviary with exotic species." The article also reviewed that the main means of transportation are golf cars, commented that the most expensive mansion in the area is valued at 25 million euros, it is an attic that has several terraces, swimming pools and panoramic views.

Fisher Island It is the favorite place of tycoons who like to take care of their privacy. It is not even necessary for them to leave the island to carry out their activities since the place has a school, bank and clinic. In addition, the people who work there are also very secretive about their employers.

According to data published by Bloomberg, after Fisher Island, billionaires like to live in Atherton and Palo Alto in California. follows him Palm Beach, also located in Florida, and fifth place is Tribeca, located in New York.

To find out where billionaires reside in the United States, Bloomberg examined tax return information from 200 different ZIP codes to learn which cities are home to the largest number of tycoons in the country.

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