In most of the counties where has been presented overwhelming increase in coronavirus cases, its authorities have taken measures, and one of them is social distancing, rule that has changed the way of relating in Florida.

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It should be noted that most counties are taking as a measure the quarantine for people don't leave your house y do not spread the virus, however there is essential services that continue to work, but the way of relating to their employees radically changed.

Just as the rules for doing business and connecting with other people are changing - day by day - during the coronavirus crisis.

"Surreal experience" relationship with veterinarians

Pet care in the age of coronavirus and social distancing is truly strange but effective, he noted. CBSlocal.

In the case of VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital, The vet approaches your car to pick up the pet to be treated and to hold the owner's hands, which must be gloved.

Linda Ream who works at the VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital told CBSlocal,"Is a surreal experience.

The young woman added, who are "As a community, we all work on collaboration, which is key when you try to have to pick up pets in open places.”

dental office

In the case of dental offices, patients they send a text message when they arrive for the appointment, before entering the consulting rooms.

At this time they only attend emergencies.

other premises

It was known that it is an office of H&R Block sanitized their workspaces while customers kept their distance.

With a sushi restaurant no one was allowed in. Customers place their order and then call for pickup, but by offering the service this way you only give them to pay their bills.

The owner of the restaurant commented, "People don't want to leave the house," adding, "When they call ahead, we bring the food to the car."

As for mechanics also work, so anything like a dead battery or a problem with the transmission can be fixed.

In case of a illness other than COVID-19 or an injuryThere doctors who are working in urgent care centers as an alternative to hospital emergency rooms.

However, the administrative director of ambulatory care is the administrative director of ambulatory care for Memorial Healthcare System. To Rego, he explained, "If you have difficulty breathing or you have a true medical emergency, go to the emergency room» from a hospital. Outpatient clinics are used “for falls, sprains and sore throats. It's easier and less expensive."

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