You will find insurance offices in every corner of Miami and each of them will tell you that they are the best.

By Adriel Reyes Gonzalez

However, that is not enough when deciding, that is why I share some tips to avoid unpleasant experiences and from the first day you can be calm because your car insurance is in good hands.

With great humility we tell you that in the 305-306-0097 you will find the best office in Miami for your Car insurance, but you can't help but recognize that there are many good professionals in the city that you will be able to identify by these simple elements.

Number one: customer service. As you can see, it is customer service, not only from you who have just arrived, but from customers who have been in that office for longer. If one person attends you today and another tomorrow, it is very likely that your experience will not be very good. It's the same as going to one doctor today and another tomorrow and everyone has their own criteria.

Number two: You must have many options. You run away if you see that in that office they only have one, or less than 10 companies to compare and see what is the best price they can give you. To be competitive and fair with you, they must evaluate your case with more than 10 insurers to see which one offers you the best price according to your needs.

Number Three: explanation of how to make a claim in case you need it. If you see that they only sold you something and you leave there more lost than a ship without a compass, then it is not a good office. It is recommended that they not only give you the office number but also the cell phone of your Customer Service Representative so that 24 hours a day you can know what to do in case of need.

Issue 4: transparency. Transparency is very important. At all times you must have access to the screen where you are entering your information and you must be able to see the entire process. If it is your information, you should have access to see what they are putting about you.

Issue 5: time to sign. If they tell you to sign here and there and you don't even know what you're signing, it's very likely that you'll find yourself in for a surprise when making a claim. It is essential that you know each of the pages that make you sign. That says a lot about the insurance office where you are and its professionalism.

Remember that if you want to find the best prices in Florida, you just have to call 305-306-0097 and 24 hours a day you will find your best solution.

Hotline 305-306-0097


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