The US will give away economic stimulus checks for Christmas: Who qualifies? – Miami Daily

In order to benefit thousands of Americans this year, the administration of US President Joe Biden announced a Christmas Bonus of up to $500 per month.

The idea of ​​the US president was based on supporting some families with an extra income in order to solve the problems caused by inflation and the coronavirus crisis.

On this occasion, the beneficiaries of these monthly payments of up to $500 dollars are those who have liquidity problems. The money will be awarded from a loot of up to $42 million dollars

According to Britain's The Sun newspaper, the monthly checks are sent to adults whose income is at or below 25% of the federal poverty line. For a single person, the threshold to be considered to be qualified is $33 per year.
Aid for thousands of Americans will be delivered for two consecutive years
More than 3,000 residents will benefit from the first monthly payment of $500 starting on December 15 of this year and the guaranteed income will mean that eligible Americans can receive these direct payments on a monthly basis for a total of two years.
Teachers will also receive their bonus
Education professionals in the United States will receive a Christmas advance thanks to their work during the pandemic and its effects.
The surprise bonus will have a value of up to a thousand dollars that will be available during the holidays.
"No school system can be great without great people. As I've said before, the work you're doing is amazing. Whatever their role in our school system, our students benefit every day from their dedication and passion," said Maryland Superintendent Mark Bedell.
The bonuses, according to the school board, will begin to be paid on December 16 for most employees. However, those on leave will receive their Christmas bonuses at a later time that has not yet been revealed.
The authorities also informed that people who participate in the Families First state program (FFP in its acronym in English) will be entitled to the bonus at parties. This bonus is available now, starting December 1st. This is a bonus that aims to help about 24,000 children during the holidays.

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