A business delegation from South Florida are visiting Argentina exploring new business opportunities.

By MiamiDiario Newsroom

More than 20 entrepreneurs from South Florida They are in Argentina to hold meetings with local companies and expand their partnership. Currently  move around $1.500 million . He exchange rate high and the low hiring costs They are the most attractive elements.

Alfred Sánchez, president and CEO of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce (GMCC), believes that the current economic situation "creates opportunities for the business community."

The delegation included businessmen from various sectors such as tourism, real estate, technology and infrastructure. The technology-based startups and the tourism industry also generate interest among Floridian businessmen.

The political and economic context is different from the 2015, when the entity had organized a mission to the country for the last time. “It was not planned to come in the middle of the elections, however, I think it is a unique moment for
Let's maintain the relationships we have and form new ones,” says Sánchez.

“We have followed what has been happening in Argentina since the change of government and what happened afterwards, but we see people very interested in continue to maintain relations with the country no matter what political environment there is- he points out.- Our focus today is services because it is a business that can be developed quickly”.

The delegation visited the headquarters of the United States Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Córdoba to promote the new flight between the province and Miami, through American Airlines, and had a meeting with 50 Argentine entrepreneurs To generate networking between both groups.

Attract investment to Miami

The goal of the mission is not only to expand opportunities for chamber members to build local relationships, but also attract entrepreneurs and investors to Miami.

"In Argentina there is gray matter but to grow they need infrastructureura and capacity building and one of the ways to achieve this is by expanding their businesses”, says Alejandra Collarte, founder of Collarte & Associates, a consultant that is in charge of advising Latin American firms seeking to land in the US market.

"Many businesses have already told us that they have plans to come to Miami before the end of the year and are looking for us to connect them with the right people," says Mark Trowbridge, president of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce.

Hernando Gómez, director of the accounting firm MBAF, which counts MercadoLibre among its clients, will return to Miami with a project in hand to hire Argentine employees. “We are in the same time zone, we speak the language and the costs are more competitive; it's basically talent outsourcing,” he adds.

"We love it," says Olga Ramudo, CEO of the travel services company Express Travel, referring to the current situation of the dollar in the country.

Source: The chronicler

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