Parcel companies improve their deliveries in high seasons

As the holidays approach, parcel delivery companies in the US begin to collapse, as deliveries are delayed by various factors.

According to the CBS portal, since the 21st these companies have made the adjustments, with the objective that their clients receive their packages before the stipulated time.

«The network is working better since COVID. We are confident and ready,” said Brie Carere, director of customer service for FedEx parcel companies.

Parcel companies indicated the factors that helped improve performance
Louis DeJoy, representative of the US Postal Service, pointed out that during 2022 the companies made several adjustments to improve the service.
“They made more purchases in stores and moderated spending due to inflationary pressures,” DeJoy said.

US Carriers Feeling Cheery About On-Time Holiday Deliveries This Year
— NBC DFW (@NBCDFW) November 21, 2022

In addition, the companies incorporated more sorting machines in order to expedite deliveries and to make them in record time.
"Our customers and the American people should feel confident in the service that we will provide during the holiday season," said DeJoy, who runs one of these companies.
They expect 2022 to be higher than the previous two years
Franchise owners such as FedEx and United Parcel Service pointed out that according to projections, 2022 will be much better than the previous two years, thanks to the fact that the pandemic has lowered its intensity.
The outlook could be a win for carriers that need fewer temporary workers and retailers that face fewer maximum surcharges.
In addition, that buyers will be able to receive their parcels before special dates such as Black Friday, among others.
"Buying and shipping early remains important to avoid the busiest times of peak seasons," said Jim Mayer, a UPS spokesman.

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