Florida Governor Ron De Santis reported that it will sign a treaty to acquire more than 8.000 hectares in the Everglades, and protect them from oil and gas exploration.

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Regarding this new negotiation, DeSantis made a statement in which he stated "This significant purchase will permanently save this region from oil exploitation. I am proud of our progress but I recognize that this is only the beginning, I will continue to fight every day to save the everglades and the Florida environment," said laopinion.com,

It should be noted that the purchase of this land is the largest everglades takeover that the State of Florida will carry out in the last 10 years.

These wetlands will now join the 600.000 acres (more than 240.000 hectares) of protected land for conservation and restoration in Florida.

These acres of Everglades belong to Kanter Real Estate LLC., the investment that the Florida administration will make to buy these lands will be between $16.56 million dollars and $18 million dollars and will include it in the already protected area.

Oil exploitation in Florida?

Kanter Real Estate LLC., is a firm that belongs to the banker Joseph Kanter, it stated that they would sell that land to carry out a oil exploitation, notwithstanding the protest of various NGOs dedicated to caring for the environment, as well as the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), helped stop that project.

The manager of the National Association of Parks Conservation, Cara Capp, assured “The people of Florida know that the exploration and Oil drilling in the Everglades is dangerous and must be stopped. It threatens our water and our fragile ecosystem, especially because of the impact of climate change«.

Meanwhile, the Republican governor stressed, "one of the environmental priorities of his administration has been to move towards the restoration of the Everglades."

DeSantis has stated -on several occasions- that he is willing to protect the environment of the State, in fact, he has promoted other initiatives in favor of environmental care, one of them was the elevation of parts of the Tamiami Trail highway, since it limited the natural flow of fresh water from the Everglades wetland to the south.

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