Property insurance attorneys Alvarez, Feltman & Da Silva, PL have provided expert advice to home and business owners for more than a decade and will continue to represent them this new season in 2019.

South Florida's premier insurance law firm, Alvarez, Feltman & Da Silva (AFD Law), encourages property owners to take the time to review their insurance policies in preparation for Hurricane Doria's arrival in our costs.

By MiamiDiario Newsroom

Daniel Kaniewski, Ph.D., FEMA's assistant administrator for resiliency, emphasized in the media the importance of preparing for any hurricane season: “Preparing before a disaster is the responsibility of all levels of government, the private and public sectors. It only takes one event to devastate a community, so now is the time to prepare. Do you have cash on hand? Do you have adequate insurance, including flood insurance? Does your family have communication and evacuation plans?

To prepare for Dorian's arrival, company urges business owners and residents of South Florida to take precautions. Homeowners should make sure they have approved hurricane shutters, install hurricane clips, head and foot bolts on doors, as well as plywood and anchors.

AFD Law recommends preparing your home:

1-Take pictures of your home (both interior and exterior) for your insurance company and keep this information in a safe place.

2-Protect the areas where the wind can enter. Windows and doors must be secured with storm shutters approved by the county. Another option is to enclose windows with 5/8-inch plywood. The tape does NOT prevent windows from breaking.

3-Protect electronic equipment with protectors against surge and waterproof coatings.

6-Among garden furniture or other outdoor items that are not tied down and can be carried by the wind

7-Withdraw cash from the bank and get fuel for your vehicle, generator and others

gas tools.

8-All residents of Miami-Dade must evaluate their properties if they are in an evacuation zone, and make sure gardens and trees are safe.

9-Owners should keep all jewelry, electronic and collection receipts and create a waterproof list of all contents of drawers and cabinets.

Important Documentation

1-List of relatives, friends or neighbors and their contact information

2-List family doctor telephone

3-Important documents in a waterproof garment, container or bag:

4- Insurance policies (car, home, life, etc.)

5- Medical records

6- Medical device information (style and serial number)

7- Bank account numbers

8- Social security card

9- Current utility bill to prove residency

If you must evacuate your home:

-Take important valuables

-Turn off all utilities (water, electricity, gas) at the main switch

-Close doors and windows

-Tell family and friends where you're going

With information from press release

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