Florida: Will the price of gasoline stabilize before 2023?

The American Automobile Association (AAA) reported that fuel prices decreased 11 cents per gallon compared to last week. According to what was reported by Diario de las Américas, yesterday (Monday), prices averaged 3.27 dollars per gallon, being the lowest since October 31 when the exemption from the gasoline tax in the state of Florida ended.

According to the association, gasoline prices in Florida continue to decline due to the demand for oil and the increase in production from US refineries.

For his part, Mark Jenkins, a spokesman for PRASA, explained that "gasoline prices in Florida have plummeted 30 cents in the last three weeks, due to the drop in the price of oil and the strong supply of gasoline."

In this way, in Miami-Dade the gallon has a cost of 3.35 dollars per gallon and in Fort Lauderdale of 3.33 dollars.
Miami Daily
Author: Libany Daniels 7:00 pm

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