Celluland Franchise

Celluland Franchise

Celluland Franchise OpportunitiesCelluland established its corporate roots in Canada in 1985. Operations began in Montreal and expanded rapidly throughout Canada under the leadership of its founder Mr. Abraham Finkel. Under his direction, Celluland became one of the leading telecommunication franchises by providing customers the latest products and services at competitive prices and full customer service.

The primary focus has always been on telecommunications. In March 2011, after market research, establishing agreements with blue chip companies and carriers, and a test market presence (respective target franchisee), the US operation was officially launched through Celluland Holdings LLC. It is the main objective of Celluland Holdings LLC to duplicate the business model and impressive results achieved in Canada now throughout the United States by maintaining the same principles, values ​​and work ethic that represent the key to success for both the Franchisor and Franchisee.

Why Choose Celluland?


Celluland Franchise OpportunitiesCelluland is a unique franchise operation specializing in technology. No other franchise operation offers as a diverse and complete product line as our stores. Celluland's success is attributed to developing joint ventures, partnerships, and agreements with blue chip companies and carriers. Our stores have several streams of revenue that are derived from satellite TV, cellphones, GPS, alarm, and payment centers.


We have successfully consummated agreements with Direct TV, Dish network, Comcast, T-Mobile, Boost, and Cellutrak, our own proprietary brand. Cellutrak is a joint venture with Ituran, an Israeli Public Company (trading on the NasDaq-symbol “ITRN”), that specializes in GPS solutions for individuals and corporate fleet management. A typical franchisee will address both consumer (85%) and corporate (15%) customers.



The Benefits of Choosing a Celluland Franchise

  • A proven and recognized brand with ample success in Canada that offers potential franchisees over 25 years of experience and know-how in the industry;
  • Relationships with the top major companies in cellphone, satellite/cable TV, alarm systems, GPS solutions and payment centers;
  • Recognition for our support and customer service to our franchisees;
  • A business that is recession proof as is possible, as the products and services sold (cell phone service and Cable/Satellite TV) are basic needs such that the majority of customers cannot do without

In essence, any potential franchisee will have the assurance that he or she is getting a “turnkey” operation ready to operate, achieve success and, at the same time, have enjoyment while doing it.



Celluland Training and Support

Celluland's designated suppliers and Carriers will assist training the franchisee at Celluland Headquarters' facilities, the supplier and/or Carriers training facilities, and in store training. Before the opening of the Store, franchisee must successfully complete training programs at Celluland's head office.


A two to three week school in conjunction with various carriers is mandatory. In addition to these training programs, Celluland and/or its designated suppliers or Carriers will periodically advise and train franchisee of new operational techniques and product developments. Once a master franchise is awarded a territory, he or she will assume responsibility for the ongoing training of franchisees in his or her region. There will always be follow ups with constant training programs, as technology and products are constantly changing. Product knowledge is essential, and that is why Celluland will continually support ALL franchisees.

Additionally, Franchisee must hire all employees, be exclusively responsible for the terms of their employment and compensation, and for the proper training of their employees and sales force. Franchisee is responsible to do the appropriate credit and/or criminal background checks on employees prior to their employment. Franchisee must implement a training program for employees of the store in accordance with training standards and procedures prescribed by Celluland's designated suppliers and Carriers.


Franchise Requirements

Celluland Franchise OpportunitiesAmong the characteristics that Celluland looks for when selecting potential Franchises or Master Franchisers are the following:

  • Willingness to learn Celluland's formula for success and apply it to his/her operation;
  • Ability to maintain $75,000 to $100,000 as working capital for a retail store and a higher amount to be determined for a Master franchiser. This amount is estimated to be 20% of the agreed purchase price of the master franchise price;
  • Desire to succeed and invest the time and resources necessary to grow the business;
  • Commitment to work 40 hours a week managing their store and attending the required trainings and seminars from Celluland and our partners/carriers;
  • Be a team player.

location requirements

The location franchisee selects must be within the geographic area of ​​the franchise agreement and typically be a retail location in a strip mall near a major anchor store. This location must be approved by Celluland and by each carrier whose merchandise and service franchisee will offer. In evaluating the site for approval, Celluland takes into account local competition, whether there is an unobstructed view of the location from the street, the number of people, and households within the geographic area of ​​the proposed site, the average income of residents and the size of the store.


The required store size is between 600-1,200 square feet. Celluland will negotiate with the Carriers for site approval. Once the approval of the location has been given (usually 3-5 business days) the franchisee will have 3 months to begin operations of the store. Franchisor will work closely with franchise in the selection of the store location and negotiation of the lease. Once the lease for the location of the store has been secured the “build up” and preparation of the store will commence immediately and it is estimated that within 2 months it shall be ready for the grand opening.

financial requirements

For a Retail Franchise store: the ideal buyer is an individual or entity with enough business experience and funds available that will allow the purchase of a franchise and the resources required for working capital without causing a financial hardship to his family/lifestyle for 6 to 12 months. This is the anticipated time for any new franchisee to generate revenues and produce income. Many factors and variables influence the speed and level of success.

We estimate that based on the asking price of $200,000 and working capital of $75,000 to $100,000 the owner's equity should be a minimum of $500,000 – a franchisee fee of $50,000 must be paid upon signing of franchise agreement. These estimates are subject to revision depending on the changes in the industry, economic conditions, and the individual.

For a Master Franchise: the ideal buyer is an individual or entity with sufficient business experience and funds available that will allow the purchase of the Master franchise and the required working capital. The Master Franchise will be required to purchase, own, and operate his own retail location. The amount of funds available and working capital can only be determined based on the territory selected. Our asking price for a master franchise is between $1,000,000 – $5,000,000. The price will be determined by many factors, such as so many cents per adult (18 and older) in a given geographical area.

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