Apparently the package 2,2 trillions of dollars that Congress of U.S. approved as financial assistance during the pandemic new strain of Wuhan virus, did not include millions of Immigrants who live in the nation without legal authorization, but who work and pay taxes.

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That is the case of hundreds of immigrants who, since the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, lost their jobs, some receive help from their family and friends, but this is not the case for all.

In addition, this important group in American society, who sometimes do the jobs that nobody wants to do, «they will not receive a single penny of the money promised to most Americans in response to the pandemic," he said.

According to Carmen Conteras, who works as a domestic, has lived in the US for 30 years and had 4 American citizen children, she told  “It is difficult because for the government we do not exist.”

The government will start paying in April

According to the information given by the Trump government, during this month of April the first payments will begin to be made.

In this way, «Everyone who has a adjusted gross income up to $75.000 annually and have a number Social Security will receive U.S. dollar 1.200. The amount decreases for those who earn more," he said.

People with lawful permanent residence and have a green card they hope to receive the help too.

The Tax and Economic Policy Institute estimated that some 4,3 million immigrants, most without legal status and without a Social Security number, file your tax return  through the "taxpayer identification number" or taxpayer identification number.

When asked about this decision, they indicate that they pay their federal taxes because they believe it is the right thing to do and they hope that one day it will help them obtain legal residence.

Many of those immigrants who will not receive help are caring for children, the elderly and households in their communities. Some 3,5 million children of these workers, many of whom are American citizens, will also not receive aid.

Trump: It's a really sad situation and we're working on it

Precisely, the president of the United States did not escape that question, “How will immigrants without legal status survive the pandemic crisis without any financial aid?”

To which Trump responded: “It is a truly sad situation and we are working on it. I'm not going to give you a concise answer, but I'll tell you it's something I think about."

Then he stressed that many unemployed people who are citizens need to receive help first.

Last week, Democratic lawmakers introduced a bill in the House and Senate that would allow immigrants to access their relief funds.

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