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The following Handyman Services franchise information is in English. If you have any questions or require our assistance, do not hesitate to contact us at info@negociosenflorida.com.

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Handyman Services: SmartViewSince 2008, SmartView Window Solutions specializes in residential and commercial window film. We provide a free in-home design consultation and professional installation. SmartView offers several categories and grades of window film that range in varying levels of tint and clarity based on the customer's needs.(7 Units)

Handyman Services: ServProCompany Vision – We are glad SERVPRO's Vision Statement is, “To be the Premier Cleaning and Restoration Company in the World.” Our Vision challenges us to continually improve as we strive towards excellence. This affords us the opportunity to grow, stay ahead of the competition and not become stagnant. We get to work in an environment that is never dull and is full of challenge.

Handyman Services: Mr Handyman

Mr. Handyman focuses on customer service and professional image in an industry that is very fragmented and dominated by unreliable independents. It is a service that is in high demand for a variety of consumers. It's a business that is scalable, allows you to build equity and yet still allows time for yourself and your family.

Handyman Services: Heits

HEITS Building Services is the new leader in commercial cleaning. HEITSoffers a truly customized cleaning program to meet the requirements of every client's facility, including Medical, Commercial, Multi-dwelling, Pharmaceutical, Corporate, Restaurant, Manufacturing, Retail, and Industrial.

Handyman Services: Restoration Starting any new business is a big decision. Choosing a path such as a water restoration franchise with Restoration1 can take a lot of stress and uncertainty from the process. With a solid and established strategy of success – Restoration1 can help you get our business up and running quickly and efficiently and help you turn a profit faster.

Handyman Services: 1-888 Wow 1 day1-888-WOW-1DAY! Painting is out to revolutionize the painting industry. How do you ask? Unlike other painting companies who may take several days if not weeks to complete a project, we'll do it in a day, guaranteed. Just because we finish the job in a day doesn't mean it's not to the highest of standards. By using a perfected technique and system we provide you with the quality you expect backed by a written two-year warranty.

Handyman Services: Donein1Donate in 1 Call is a painting / handyman / remodel / janitorial / lawn services company. Incorporating and combining 5 separate but related services so that a homeowner / realty company / business owner can rely on one company to take care of all its daily / weekly / monthly / yearly maintenance, remodeling, landscaping, touch-ups, etc.

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