New research by the Purdue University and the digital portal concluded that to be happy in Miami you must earn $143,955 a year.

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The study conducted jointly by Purdue University and asserted that "being happy means amount of money that no longer changes your level of emotional well-being”informed

To measure emotional well-being, the researchers quantified "a person's day-to-day emotions, including happy, excited, sad, and angry."

The research also defined the «life evaluation", which refers to the overall life satisfaction, in the case of Miami, for this it is necessary earn $130,245 annually.

Another of the rules determined by the investigation is how much Miami residents must earn to carry a life with good emotional well-being, at this point I conclude that the inhabitants of this city should receive income between $82.260 and $102.825 a year.

Other cities that evaluated to determine when they need to be happy were New York, there it takes $219.765 dollars a year to be happy.

En San Francisco citizens need $319.935 dollars annually and in Chicago they have to earn $123.690 a year to guarantee their happiness.

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