Inflation rose 7% in the US in 2021

Inflation in the United States has increased by a total of 7% last year 2021, where economic expenses have risen and salary earnings have been reduced, Click Orlando reported. 
Said figure reflected in the inflation that the North American country is going through has caused pressure on President Biden and the Federal Reserve itself, in order to attack the threat that is increasing for the United States economy.

Expenses have increased, where they are reflected in the high cost of gasoline, the price of vehicles, as well as food and real estate during the pandemic and its recession. Likewise, spending by Americans has increased during labor shortages as well as on raw materials that have shrunk supply chains.
In this sense, the Department of Labor has not been silent and that is when it announced on Wednesday that, except for the high prices of food and gas, the so-called "core prices" increased by 0,6% since the month of November to December. But the fatal increase was in the month of December with 5,5%, this being the fastest increase since 1991.
Healthy and perceptible salary increases in good earnings have been eradicated by inflation, this means that lower middle class families have a harder time affording basic monthly expenses.
In recent weeks, the price of food in supermarkets has skyrocketed significantly, as well as their scarcity, and in part these problems have increased due to the new outbreaks of Covid-19 with the Omicron variant and the winter weather. .
Just as restaurants are suffering from the crisis, some well-known chains such as Olive Garden and Darden Restaurants estimate that their prices will rise by 4% over the next six months.
Gene Lee, CEO of Darden told his investors that "the most difficult inflationary environment we have seen in years."

Miami Daily
Author: Natasha Palís 7:04 am

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