Despite the partial lifting of the veto announced last Saturday, Peter Navarro, trade adviser to the White House, confirmed that Huawei will continue to be blocked from participating in the deployment of the 5G network in the North American country: "The US policy on Huawei regarding this country's 5G has not changed." This was confirmed by Navarro in an interview for CNBC.

By Miami Diario Newsroom

"The US policy on Huawei in relation to 5G in the country has not changed," said the White House's top economic adviser. “All we have done, basically, is allow Huawei to sell chips. These are low-tech items that don't affect national security at all," he added.

The adviser mentioned that the deals between North American chipmakers and Huawei are actually "a small part", since it only represents less than 1.000 million dollars per year. "In the short term it's a small chip on the board," he said.

Navarro noted that US President Donald Trump "is committed to making the US lead the race for 5G, building companies like Nokia and Ericsson in Europe to help in the process."

Huawei is currently very popular in Europe and is leading the battle for control of 5G networks, which allow much faster Internet browsing and could facilitate the development of autonomous vehicles and techniques for remote-controlled surgery.

Faced with this, the US is leading a global campaign to prevent Huawei from developing 5G technology and has even pressured the European Union (EU) to restrict the company's activity.

La European Union, meanwhile, announced in March that they do not intend to block Huawei's participation in the deployment of 5G networks. However, each country is free to establish a veto if they determine that telecommunications equipment is a risk to their national security.

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