Industrial Carpentry in Kendall
Industrial Carpentry For Sale in Kendall

Exciting Opportunity: Industrial Carpentry in Miami for Sale Don't miss the opportunity to acquire a successful industrial carpentry in the vibrant city of Miami! With a strong focus on delivering customized solutions backed by cutting-edge technology, this company offers a wide range of customized joinery products. From elegant office furniture to functional kitchen cabinets, high-quality bathroom vanities, closets and much more, this wood shop has proven to be a benchmark in creating custom wood products. This asset sale includes all the valuable machinery necessary to operate the business efficiently. Additionally, it is important to note that all operational permissions are fully up to date, ensuring a smooth start. This is a unique opportunity to acquire a turnkey operation in the world of industrial carpentry. Don't miss this exciting investment possibility in a consolidated business ready to prosper. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step towards your business success!

Price: $ 174,000
Reference: 249-01155
City: Kendall


Industrial Carpentry and Exhibition RoomAssets
Industrial Carpentry$350,000
Freight Transportation CompanyAssets
Freight Shipping$120,000
Industrial Carpentry in MiamiAssets
Industrial Carpentry$250,000
Artificial Grass CompanyAssets
Artificial grass$850,000

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