Service and Repair of Roads
Truck Repair and Parts Business.

Owner Retires: Established and Profitable Heavy Truck Repair and Parts Sales Business.

Dueño is retiring after 11 successful years in operation, presenting an excellent opportunity to acquire a well-known and lucrative heavy-duty truck repair, service and parts business. Specializing in Heavy Duty Truck Maintenance and Service, the business offers a wide range of services including brakes, oil changes, air conditioning, front and rear tune-ups, tire services, engine repairs and system diagnostics. electric.

The customer base for this business is a mix of transportation companies and owner-operators. Essentially, it operates as two businesses in one: providing both truck maintenance and repair services and selling truck parts right over the counter. This strategic duality not only expands the customer base, but also creates two significant sources of income, thus strengthening the financial strength of the business.

Key Features:

Proven Track Record: More than a decade of successful operations.

Comprehensive Services: Expertise in brakes, oil changes, air conditioning, tune-up adjustments, tire services, engine repairs and electrical system diagnostics.

Extensive Parts Inventory: A substantial stock of parts to meet various repair needs.

Strategic Location: Strategically located in a spacious 34,000 square foot facility.

Established Customer Base: A large and loyal customer base.

Fully Equipped: All equipment necessary for smooth business operations is included.

This is a rare opportunity to take the reins of a reputable business with a strong foundation and loyal clientele. Don't miss the opportunity to join a thriving company with considerable growth potential. Excellent business opportunity for international buyers seeking an E-2 Investment Visa.

Price: $ 850,000
Reference: 249-08970


Taxes and other Services$410,000
Party Supplies Rental BusinessAssets
Event Decoration$850,000

Party Supplies Rental Business

City name, Florida

Service and Repair of RoadsAssets

Truck Repair and Parts Business.

Address Unavailable
City name, Florida

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