Miami stands out as a financial center according to Bloomberg

The forum "The New Miami" led by Bloomberg was recently held, and its speakers stated that the city of Miami will be able to increase financially, since various companies in the aforementioned field have migrated to State Sunshine, reported Bloomberg.
Low taxes and warm weather are the reason these companies move to Florida, according to government and business leaders, who discussed the changing political and economic environment in Miami and globally at the forum.

Bloomberg founder Michael R. Bloomerg said, "Ensuring Miami can meet the challenges of climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and an evolving economy will require strong leadership and innovation."
Similarly, its founder announced that "Miami's strength as a financial hub, a leader in sustainability, and a thriving creative hub are huge assets, and Friday's discussions suggest the city is working hard to capitalize on them."
The mayor of Miami, Francis X. Suárez, was also present at the forum, reporting that “We are witnessing the metamorphosis of Miami”, and when “cities work, the United States works”. Cities cannot ignore innovation any more than they can ignore climate change.
Likewise, the mayor concluded by stating that "They can pretend it does not exist or they can face those realities, accept that disruption and embrace change."
The 100 million dollars in managed assets of Cathie Wood, who is the founder and delegate of the information area of ​​ARK Investment Management, considers that said sum can benefit the retention of talents that are being transferred to the city of Miami.
Other business leaders participated in this forum that has been held in other capitals worldwide.

Miami Daily
Author: Natasha Palís 9:53 am

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